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s# Station Project Last Update (UTC) wsmin wsavg wsmax wdir airpress airtemp relhum htemp hvolt supvolt refvolt Last Message
150 glisn.test_150_weather GLISN 2017-12-04, 19:22:37 0m/s 0.3m/s 0.9m/s 230° 854.2hPa 19.3C 23.7%RH 18.5C N/A 13.4V 3.54V 45d 11h 40.5m
178 GLISN 2018-01-19, 06:52:59 0invalid 0invalid 0invalid 0invalid 769.3hPa -33.2C 72.7%RH -33.6C N/A 12.4V 3.502V 10.2m