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s# Station IMEI Project Last Update (UTC) Firm Batt Diag Brd Heat XSen HThr Cold Hot RSSI PCyc CREG Temp RUD QST QQV SEN IRD
505 SPRESSO Castle Rock Testing 2019-12-19, 06:41:43 V1.0.2330 12.85V 0 4,0,0 On -40C 0C 0C 4 5 6 9°C SBD Mode 30m 30m 30m 30m
516 LVD__516 Castle Rock Testing 2020-07-10, 06:52:46 V1.0.2002 11.78V 0 4,0,0 On -40C 0C 0C 5 143 7 -15°C SBD Mode 5m 5m 5m 5m