Important: This site is currently in Beta!

During the development stage, everything here is subject to change from hour to hour as new features are added, code is rewritten and debugged, etc. If something doesn't work, try again in 10 minutes.


Version bump to 2.1 since it appears that we are stable.


Major upgrade to Version 2.0b. Currently debugging.


The Web Console site has been massively revamped under-the-hood. These changes include:



I'm working on simplifying and aggregating the various summary listings, so some of the summary pages will be availabe sporadically throughout the day.





The database conversion is completed, as well as the major code rewrite. This should be the last Great Code Shift for the project. Anyway, new features...

I got everything worked out so that when you go to "XI Message Info" and select a device from the listing, you will see a collection of graphs that will show details for the messages that have been received. Using this, you can tell how many and what type of messages have been received for each device, hourly. Also, miscellaneous graphing and data recording problems have been corrected.

For administrators, the Rebuild option is now 95% complete. This can be used to rebuild everything from scratch using the stored email messages (full database, graphs, etc). This can be used if the main data collector is taken offline for some reason, or the database is damaged. This can take upwards of 15 minutes to run, though.

The pages are starting to pick up some AJAX features, most notably the Rebuild option that now shows a bar graph indicating the progress of the background process as it runs, independently of the webpage itself. I'll be taking advantage of things like that to enhance the information listings, soon.


Posted a new page, "XI Message Info" (under "Devices", on the left-side menu). This will display information about the XI messages received for each device (first message, latest message, message count, average time between each message, etc). This might be useful to people who are setting up devices and want to know a bit more information about the messages coming in.

Also, still working on the code rewrite. (MLL)


Currently doing a rewrite of the core code to make the whole system more maintainable. This could cause the pages to appear broken off and on over the next few days. (MLL)